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Welcome IT & Digital Experts!

Want to make innovation a reality, deliver digital services at their best and shape the future of food innovation? At Puratos, we offer many opportunities for IT talents.

As a global manufacturing company, Puratos offers a varied ICT application landscape that serves every aspect of our business, including R&D, Production & Operations, Logistics, Finance, Sales and eCommerce, Marketing, and HR. Technology plays a pivotal role in the group's digital strategy across Customer Experience, Product Innovation, and Enterprise Processes. Our ICT workforce spans various countries, encompassing our headquarters and delivery hubs. Collectively, we create a global community of specialists dedicated to facilitating Puratos' transition to a digitally empowered business. Our shared enthusiasm for the potential unlocked by technology is what truly unites us.

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Core Technologies

Our diverse range of applications includes solutions from major vendors such as SAP, Microsoft, Adobe, and Siemens. We continuously enhance our landscape with state-of-the-art technologies from companies like Outsystems, UiPath, Celonis, Atlassian, and Odoo. Our infrastructure follows a best-of-breed approach, utilizing solutions from Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, HP, and Palo-Alto.

Looking Ahead

We are aligning our ICT organization with our long-term vision and updating our digital foundations in anticipation of future growth. Our current focus is transitioning to the next-generation ERP, S/4HANA by SAP, which will enable us to better manage our data and streamline our workflows.

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Digital Transformation and Data

Our ICT organization plays a crucial role in the group's digital strategy. Our data-driven approach helps us uncover insights and opportunities for growth using machine learning and data science.


We adopt best practices and work with leading vendors to ensure a robust security posture. Our executive committee and board actively support security initiatives, and we closely monitor evolving threats.


Our ICT organization consistently explores new technologies to add business value. Through our innovation funnel, we validate business assumptions by performing proofs of value for next-generation digital solutions, including augmented reality and AI technologies.

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Diversity and Internationalization

With colleagues from numerous nationalities, we value different perspectives, ideas, and cultures. Our networked teams span across various locations, combining business and ICT resources to achieve common objectives and foster a collaborative work environment.

Growth Opportunities

By engaging with every aspect of our business, from R&D to Marketing and HR, we foster personal development and career growth. The variety of our ICT projects ensures exposure to diverse challenges, while our life-long learning initiatives promote continuous evolution.


We take pride in the impact our work has on the daily lives of millions of people worldwide. Our commitment to excellence and responsibility helps shape the future of technology in our industry. Join the Puratos Global ICT Team and be a part of our inspiring journey.

Jobs in Information Technology

At Puratos, you will find an exciting career in the fascinating world of bakery, patisserie and chocolate. You will join a global team of highly motivated and passionate experts, who work at the crossroads of tradition and innovation.

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