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Procurement Manager Packaging

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Our Mission


At Puratos, we create innovative food solutions for the health and well-being of people everywhere. As the global leader in bakery, patisserie and chocolate ingredients, we help our customers to be successful with their business, by turning technologies and experiences from food cultures around the world into new opportunities.


We are more than 10.000 employees in over 70 countries and a consolidated turnover of around 2.2 billion euros. Our passion for innovation, a pioneering spirit and the unique Puratos culture drive our solid growth and vision for the future This, along with our commitment to our local communities, is what makes working at Puratos so magical.


To strengthen our team in Groot-Bijgaarden we are looking for:



Purchasing Manager Packaging


Your Mission


In Category Management, you lead the way by making our processes a shared language in our team. With a deep understanding of what our business needs, you create strategies that boost our partnerships with suppliers. We explore new ideas that match our business goals, turning category plans into vibrant successes with a creative touch.



What you will do


Category Management

  • You champion and live the category management process, making it a shared language within the team.
  • With a deep understanding of business needs, you craft strategies that amplify our partnership with suppliers.
  • Driving innovation, you explore new supplier avenues, ensuring our approach aligns seamlessly with business goals.
  • Together, let's bring category plans to life and measure ongoing success with a touch of creativity!



Stakeholder Management

  • You craft and implement Communication Plans and Stakeholder Maps, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Building consensus is your strength, turning conflicting goals into shared objectives within our dynamic team.
  • You secure approval for category strategies, aligning them seamlessly with the visions of key stakeholders.
  • Your close collaboration with senior management ensures our procurement strategies perfectly match business goals.
  • As a valued business partner, you understand and implement PURATOS's supplier diversity & sustainability initiatives, setting and measuring performance targets with finesse. You're not just a part of the team; you're a key player in our success story!

Supplier Management

  • You lead with integrity, fostering strong supplier relationships through fair practices and ethical standards.
  • Your expertise encompasses the entire supply chain, ensuring a holistic understanding of goods/services.
  • Proactively, you minimize risk with savvy supply and supplier management strategies.
  • At every turn, you guide suppliers in line with our company objectives.
  • You're the strategist, defining and leading vendor relationships from selection to termination, leaving no detail untouched. You're not just managing; you're shaping success!


Contract Negotiation and Risk Management

  • You bring negotiation to life with a variety of savvy techniques.
  • Seamlessly, you weave critical commercial terms and cost targets into agreements, integrating AQSCI criteria effortlessly.
  • Like a strategic mind reader, you anticipate and address potential issues during the contract, shaping terms and conditions effectively.
  • The mastermind behind RFI/RFP, you lead bid evaluations, negotiations, and vendor contracts. You're not just managing; you're orchestrating success!



Direction setting and implementation

  • You grasp the site and Group Procurement goals, aligning them seamlessly with PURATOSs business direction.
  • Your understanding extends to how PURATOS's business strategy intertwines with Procurement. You're not just aware; you're a strategic force shaping our path forward!


Performance Management

  • You extract key insights from Group reports, guiding thoughtful analysis and decisions.
  • Driving success, you actively contribute to achieving savings and enhancing working capital, aligning with company goals.
  • Proactively, you seek synergies within the organization, reducing costs and maximizing resources.
  • With precision, you report savings following Puratos's measurement process, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Collaborating with Pricing, you fine-tune profit margins, skillfully managing packaging costs and incorporating savings. You're not just analyzing; you're shaping our financial success!


What we expect from you

  • With a Master's in Economics or (Bio)-engineering, you bring expertise to the table.
  • You boast a proven track record with over 5 years excelling in procurement of packaging materials.
  • Thriving in international environments, you bring cultural awareness and embrace diversity.
  • Your fluency in English, Dutch, French (both written and verbal) adds a linguistic touch to your impressive skill set. You're not just qualified; you're a dynamic fit for our team!
  • You're the creative problem-solver, bringing innovative solutions to business challenges.
  • Your strategic insights become actionable solutions that drive our business forward.
  • A culture champion, you spread our values, connect key stakeholders, and ensure everyone understands our organizational structure. You're not just contributing; you're shaping our success story!





What you can expect from Puratos

You will be welcomed in a dynamic work environment where passion for innovation, team spirit and continuous improvement are key. You can count on a competitive salary package with attractive benefits such as:

  • Meal vouchers (8€/day)
  • Group, dental and hospitalization insurance fully paid by Puratos
  • 13th month pay
  • Company car
  • Minimum 5 training days per year
  • Responsibilities and the possibility to take ownership of your work

Watch our corporate movie and feel the Puratos Magic:



We are a warm family company with a historical growth track record and a clear long-term vision for the future. We promote a caring, trustful and respecting work environment by putting people first.


We at Puratos cultivate an inclusive global workplace, that fully embraces diversity and equal

opportunities for all. We strive to reflect the richness of our customers, communities and society, accelerating our ability to innovate and deliver on our commitments.



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