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Group Enterprise Cloud Architect



The enterprise cloud architect is responsible for: developing and coordinating the cloud applications architecture, developing a cloud strategy and coordinating the adoption process/ cultural change.

The cloud architect should have a variety of technical and nontechnical skills. He/She must be a great collaborator in order to empower and connect with a variety of other architecture roles.



Key Accountabilities:


  • Assess applications & services: Lead multi-discipline teams to architect the processes by which ICT and business select cloud computing as the deployment model of choice per application, including the rationale behind determining which applications & services should use cloud computing and which ones should not. This effort includes a decision logic process that evolves over time.


  • Architect cloud services and mitigate risks: Define the cloud components and technologies which are going to be a part of the end to end solution per business application. Setup a guidance model that conveys best practices and common pitfalls for cloud design, application development practices & infrastructure integrations. Identify the set of risks posed by cloud computing services and a risk-mitigation matrix for such risks. This effort is closely tied with information/data retention policies (e.g. GDPR compliance) and is evolutionary in nature. This effort must closely collaborate with ICT infrastructure security and includes a framework that details a cloud exit strategy per application.


  • Provision and automate cloud services: Develop a methodology for ordering and provisioning cloud services either through internal tools/processes or by leveraging external provider's tools/processes. Coordination of those cloud tasks to avoid delays and mistakes that impact the speed and agility of cloud benefits.


  • Operation of cloud environments: Design the comprehensive set of enterprise management processes, tools, integrations and procedures to ensure running cloud systems within SLAs. This effort must also include professionally managing cloud providers, applications, infrastructure and systems. The effort closely aligns with ICT infrastructure department.



  • Select cloud providers and services: Construct the criteria for cloud provider evaluation, comparison and selection, and collaborate with procurement to ensure that the procurement processes for cloud work are applicable to the nature of cloud services (pay per use - micropayments, rapidly growing catalogue of cloud services).


  • Estimate the costs and establish governance: For each service, develop a structure to estimate the financial impact so that cloud costs do not disrupt the ICT budget. Establish governance that will allow cloud services to be consumed in agile fashion to meet immediate business needs yet balance against unconstrained adoption, which leads to overrunning budget.


  • Cultivate the cultural change for cloud adoption: Influence the change in behaviour toward the adoption and consumption of cloud services. (For example, influence new usage patterns by applying consumption of cloud services only when necessary rather than keeping services running 24/7).



Who are we looking for?


  • You have Cloud Platform experience (Microsoft Azure, AWS etc)
  • You have experience with Application architecture: deployment and design
  • You see and understand Infrastructure as a code
  • You have experience:
    •  with DevOps and platform automation
    • Microservices, APIs, SOA
    • Governance
    • Outsourcing/External hosting and Cost Management
    • Security and Compliance
    • Resource Management and Compliance
  • Any programming knowledge is a plus
  • You have good skills of communication and collaboration
  • You have an Analytical & Critical Thinking mindset
  • You are curious
  • You are Fluent in English (Spoken & Written). Additional languages are an asset


Why would you join Puratos?


You will join a stable and rapidly growing family business that has become an international market leader with a corporate culture in which innovation and entrepreneurship are among our top priorities. You will benefit from a great freedom in your work, with a great margin of initiative. You can expect a great work environment with many challenges:

- Responsibilities and possibility of taking ownership of one's work

- Training and career opportunities to build your career within our company



You can count on a competitive salary package.


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